Corbyn is a better man than Starmer, and Starmer a lesser man than Blair

John Wight
4 min readFeb 17, 2023
As the man said: ‘If you can fake sincerity, the rest is easy’

Winston Churchill once famously opined on his Labour Party rival after losing the 1945 general election that “An empty taxi-cab pulled up outside Downing Street and out of it stepped Clem Attlee.”

Today, in our time, out of that empty taxi-cab will step current Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer if he wins the next general election. Indeed this is a man so wooden that one wonders if instead of putting his suit on in the morning, his suit puts him on. Opportunism was a word invented with him in mind, while as for principles, those he carrries around in his pocket like loose change, along with his integrity.

Over this past week he and his have spared no opportunity to kick around Jeremy Corbyn like a dog in the street, proclaiming that at the next general election the MP of Islington and Starmer’s predecessor as leader of the party will not be allowed to stand for re-election as the Labour candidate in a constituency he’s represented continuously since the early 1980s.

Shakespeare himself could not have conceived the dramatic fall from grace experienced by Jeremy Corbyn, under whose leadership between 2015 and 2019 the UK Labour Party could boast a mass membership of 600,000 to make it the largest political party in Europe, and under whose leadership Labour came within just under 2500 votes of winning the 2017 general election on a transformational programme of wealth redistribution, meaningful policies to end homelessness and poverty, and a foreign policy placing a priority on peace over war and hope over fear.

That his outstanding performance in 2017 came in the face of a concerted attempt by Labour Party officials to undermine his leadership and election campaign, and despite a treacherous PLP of unreconstructed bastards, this only makes the question of ‘What if?’ all the more salient and also tragic.

His successor, Starmer, went out of his way to court Corbyn’s supporters in order to get himself elected as leader, while announcing with the…



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