Meet Neil Clark, the Covid crank working with Russian state media to undermine public health in the UK

Neil Clark

If it is only in a crisis that we find out who we truly are then the diseased soul of the West, the rampant and fanatical selfishness and individualism that forms its essence, has been exposed as never before in the midst of Covid

Free market capitalism is a value as well as an economic system. Those values amount to the cult of the individual, wherein society exists to advance the rights, status, and self-importance of the individual rather than the individual existing with a social obligation and duty to advance the common good. In normal times this distortion and corruption of the human condition is bad enough, during a global pandemic it is death itself.

In the UK the likes of Allison Pearson, Isobel Oakshott, Peter Hitchens, Laurence Fox, Julia Hartley Brewer, Richard Tice and Neil Clark have devoted themselves to opposing scientifically sound lockdown and other measures to combat the spread of the Covid-19. Of this grim ghoulish crew Clark stands out, advocating non-compliance when it comes to social distancing and wearing face masks in supermarkets, shops and other public places, thus putting overworked and underpaid supermarket and shop workers at risk, not to mention members of the public.

He is also guilty of railing against lockdowns as being ineffective and part of a lurid plot involving Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, and most every other tinfoil-hatted conspiracy you care to mention. Clark claims there is no evidence to support lockdown as a way of saving lives and slowing the transmission of the virus. Clearly, through such a distorted lens, the examples of China, Singapore, New Zealand, Vietnam and Australia don’t count. This is despite the fact that each introduced a stringent lockdown at the outset and in so doing have managed to contain Covid in inverse proportion to the way that we in the UK have not.

Making matters worse where he’s concerned is that the platforms he enjoys to spin his Covid misinformation are provided by Russian media, specifically RT and Sputnik International. Thus we have foreign news agencies engaged in the objective of undermining public health in the UK. It really doesn’t get any more heinous in a country with the highest Covid mortality rate in Europe, at a time when ICU wards in hospitals across Britain are bursting at the seams, and with nurses, clinicians and doctors at breaking point, begging the public to stay at home and conform to lockdown regulations.

On a certain level it would constitute poetic justice indeed if Clark or anyone close to him were to be stricken with this awful virus. But then not all of us are as mendacious or as devoid of common decency as he so obviously is. There is however one man who made the mistake of latching onto the madness offered up by Clark and others on the subject and who paid the ultimate price.

His name was Gary Matthews. He was a supporter of Covid hoax conspiracy theory and the anti-public health fanaticism of Neil Clark, Peter Hitchens, Hartley-Brewer et al. Now Gary Matthews is dead. He died alone on January 13 a week after coming down with Covid symptoms and a day after testing positive for the virus.

According to Matthews’ cousin Tristan Copeland, Covid deniers were complicit in his death. This of course is a contentious point, but there is no arguing with the fact that social media influencers on Covid have an obligation to be responsible and careful with regard to what they put out.

Clark has form when it comes to this kind of malarkey. Back in 2007 he was railing against the introduction of the smoking ban in public places in England, even though it was by then inarguable that passive smoking was a major cause of cancer.


Isn’t it sad that 60 years after playing a decisive role in the defeat of the Nazis and their loathsome, intolerant ideology, Britain, in its illiberal attitude towards smoking and smokers, is now aping them?

And so there you have it: a full thirteen years before people began testing positive for Covid, Neil Clark had already tested positive for lunacy.

This is not a parlour game. Over 100,000 people across the UK have already died of Covid. The grief this has spawned in every community is well nigh immeasurable. The NHS, which Clark proclaims is there to protect us not the other way round, is under more pressure than it’s ever been since it was established in 1948. Thus in this moment the likes of Neil Clark are the enemy within, working in tandem with Russian media to put key workers and members of the public at risk. Compounding the offence is the sure knowledge that not for a second would Clark be allowed to spout his anti-public health propaganda in Russia to a Russian audience.

The head of RT in the UK is one Nikolay Bogachihin. He can be reached at The head of Sputnik International in the UK is Oxana Brazhnik, who can be reached at

In solidarity with the NHS, with key workers on the frontline, and with the families of those who’ve thus far succumbed to Covid-19, feel free to write to one or both of these individuals about their role in platforming Covid denialism and misinformation in the UK.


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