Palestine then and now: an unending cycle of resistance, rebellion, and death

Here we are again, watching one of the most powerful and technologically advanced military’s in the world setting about the ‘heroic’ task of murderously assaulting one of the most subjugated, oppressed and immiserated.

Those brave warriors of the IDF — soldiers, airmen and sailors — constitute the armed wing of an apartheid state whose brutality and savagery is compounded by the claims of its various representatives at home and supporters further afield, professional liars all, to be acting in the name of security.

‘The crimes pile up until they become invisible.’ So said Bertolt Brecht and how right he was.

A world that allows apartheid, ethnic cleansing and military occupation to become normalised is a world headed for ruin. And a world that condemns a people for daring to resist this inordinately cruel oppression is a world downing in hypocrisy and cant.

There is no moral equivalence between the violence of an oppressed people and that of their oppressor. Israel is an oppressor state which came into being on the back of a programme of mass ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians in 1948, and which has existed at their negation every single day since.

The occupation of the West Bank is illegal under international law. Settlements and evictions are illegal under international law. The siege of Gaza, tantamount to collective punishment, is illegal under international law. The targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza is illegal under international law.

Yet to listen to apologists for Israel in the West, you could be forgiven for believing that it’s the Palestinians who are the occupier; the Palestinians guilty of ethnic cleansing and apartheid and siege. This is how debased Western political and mass media culture has become when dealing with this issue.

Albert Camus, it was, who proclaimed: “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

These are words that could have been written with the Palestinians in mind. Their condition has been reduced to that of rebellion just by virtue of their existence. Such is the morbid, grim and barbarous reality of the apartheid State of Israel’s refusal to recognise them as anything other than human dust, deserving of being of being regularly blown to smithereens.

Zionism is settler-colonial and supremacist ideology, and no right-thinking person could possibly regard it as anything other than a species of white supremacy. Yet in the West, mainstream politicians and even the leaders of political parties, such as Labour’s Keir Starmer, do not hesitate to proclaim themselves supporters of Zionism.

Indeed, the sight of so many mainstream politicians abasing themselves at the feet of the apartheid lobby is profoundly nauseating, made more so by the fact they know precisely the treatment being meted out to an indigenous people whose only crime is that they dare to resist their oppressor and stubbornly and courageously refuse the role of latter day Helots allotted them.

When Israel’s prime minister, Golda Meir, infamously opined in 1969 that no such people as the Palestinian people existed, this was not a statement of fact it was a statement of intent.

Which is why every rocket being fired from Gaza, by whomsoever, is an act of defiance in the face of the systematic attempt to wipe the Palestinian people from the face of the earth as a national entity.

Rome destroyed Carthage in 146 BC. It behooves us to do whatever it takes to ensure that Palestine is not destroyed by those who in our time adhere to the same perverse belief that in the last analysis might is right. Israel is not the victim. It is instead the purveyor of violence against a poor but unbowed and dignified people, one whose resistance is on a par with David’s against Goliath.

Settler-colonialism, justified on the basis of white supremacy, is death itself. The Native American Indians were decimated by this juggernaut, as were the Australian Aborigines.

It is the obligation of all who believe in justice to ensure that the Palestinians do not join them.


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