The DNC’s ‘stop Bernie or Bust’ campaign

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Well here we are again — another Democratic Party primary and another unedifying spectacle of Tammany Hall-style machine politics swinging into gear with all the subtlety of Donald Trump’s wig, doing so with the objective of ensuring that anyone but Bernie is ‘selected’ to go head to head with the white supremacist-in-chief, even if it ensures for him a second term.

Stop Bernie or Bust was the DNC’s mantra in 2016 when it came to a rigged process designed to effect Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the 45th president, and just like a dog returning to its own vomit it’s the same in 2020.

Indeed the only difference between 2016 and 2020 is that with the Democratic Party establishment’s preferred candidate this time round, Joe Biden, being the wrong side of hopeless, and with both Warren and Buttigieg increasingly exposed as weak next to Sanders, the DNC has allowed former Republican mayor of New York, the out-of-touch billionaire Michael Bloomberg, to enter the race on a golden (literally in his case) parachute, clearly hoping he can save the day.

Not since Rome’s Praetorian Guard proclaimed Claudius emperor after first dispatching Caligula in AD 41 has such a flagrant political stitch up been undertaken by custodians of an empire.

With this in mind it’s no wonder that the which beset the first and traditionally critical bellweather Iowa Caucus, involving the announcement of the result being delayed due to problems with the phone app that was set up to report the result, has given rise to strong speculation that monkey-business is afoot?

By the way, just in passing, the rigged 2016 Democratic primary was revealed to the world by Wikileaks, which published the ‘leaked not hacked’ and whose editor-in-chief Julian Assange is currently sitting in London’s maximum security Belmarsh Prison awaiting possible extradition to the US under the US Espionage Act for his role, while at the helm of whistleblowing organisation, in exposing the war crimes, high crimes and corruption of an elite made up of moral midgets such as Hillary Clinton — people who believe that they have right to rule, kill, and enrich themselves exactly as they please.

Speaking of which, Hillary Clinton has not been shy in voicing as he picks up the kind of support and momentum that is consonant with a candidate whose time has come. The former secretary of state comes over as someone who sups at the cup of bitterness over her thwarted presidential ambitions. Desire leads to despair, as they say.

Another luminary of the Democratic Party establishment reported to have over the prospect of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination is former president, is Barack Obama; the very same who once painted castles of hope in the sky when it came to effecting transformational change in America, only to while in office revealing himself a safe pair of hands when it came to going along to get along with the status quo.

So just what is it about Bernie Sanders that has the likes of Clinton and Obama up in arms? Is it his policies on healthcare, on taxing billionaires, on taking on rather than cosying up to Wall Street that’s the problem? Or is it a form of projection over the fact Sanders stands for something more than placing lipstick on the pig of the very plutocracy which both Clinton and Obama have served so faithfully even while paying lip service to America’s middle class (traditionally in the US code for working class).

The difference is that Bernie Sanders is a man with a vision of a just society that doesn’t so much want to establish socialism as he does end socialism for the rich and establish it for everyone else.

For the Clintons and Obamas of this world, gatekeepers of the status quo, this is tantamount to heresy. This is precisely why nobody should be in any doubt that Bernie Sanders really is an idea whose time has come — this in a country which epitomises the truth that the problem lies not in being unable to help the poor, but in being unable to satisfy the greed of the rich.


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